How to Center a Title in MS Word

By Foye Robinson

The default alignment for Word documents is left. You can use Word’s toolbar and shortcut keys to center content within your document, whether it's a table, text or image. A title or heading may appear on the top of your page or in different sections of your document as a sub-heading. You can add a caption to an image in MS Word and center it as well. If you’re using several headings throughout your document, creating a style that includes centering can help you format the headings more quickly.

Step 1

Open the “Formatting” toolbar by selecting “View,” “Toolbars” and “Formatting” in MS Word.

Step 2

Type in the title you want to use and select it. Then click on the “Center” button in the “Formatting” toolbar (shortcut: Ctrl+E) to center it on your page. Alternatively, you can center words by going to “Format” and “Paragraph” and choosing “Centered” for the alignment.

Step 3

Center a title in a table in MS Word by placing your cursor in the cell of the title. Click on the “Center” button in the “Formatting” toolbar.

Step 4

Add a caption for your Word picture by right-clicking on the image in your document and picking “Caption.” Click on “New Label” to customize your image title, then click “OK.” Press “OK” to close the “Caption” dialog box. Select the image caption on your page and click on the “Center” button to center it.

Step 5

Open the “Styles and Formatting” task pane by selecting “Format” and “Styles and Formatting.” Click on the “New Style…” button in the pane and name it “Centered Title.”

Step 6

Choose the font, size and formatting you want the style to have. Also, click on the “Center” button to center the style, then press “OK.” The new style you created will appear in the task pane.

Step 7

Place your cursor on the line where the heading or title you want to center resides. Select the “Centered Title” style from the task pane to add the style. Repeat this step to center any other titles within your page.