How to Change a Metro PCS Number to Another Phone

By Qyou Stoval

Changing a Metro PCS number to another phone has more to do with contacting your new provider rather than the phone itself. There are no guarantees that you can change or port your number to another cellular provider. You may also choose to change your phone number through Metro PCS, which will automatically update with your new Metro phone.

Step 1

Access the new cellular provider's website to determine if the Metro PCS number can be ported over. For example, click "Keep your number" under the "wireless quick links" on AT&T's homepage.

Step 2

Type in your existing Metro PCS number. The new cellular provider will let you know if the phone number you are currently using with Metro PCS can be switched over to the new provider.

Step 3

Contact the new provider directly to verify if your phone number can be changed to the new phone. Contact Metro PCS if you plan on staying with Metro PCS, and to determine if your Metro PCS phone number can be ported to another phone provider.

Step 4

Activate your new phone through your cellular provider. Once activated, make a test call to ensure the number is ported over. Sometimes it may take several days before the number successfully switches to your new phone. If using another Metro PCS phone, the changes should be instantaneous.