How to Change a Phone Book Listing

If people are having a hard time finding you in the phone book, you should have a look at your listing. There may be an error in your listing, such as a misspelled name, that needs correcting. You may also need to make a change to a phone book listing if you have changed your name or address but kept the same phone number. A phone book listing comes from the records that your phone company has on file for you.

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Look at a recent copy of your phone bill for the customer service phone number. Dial the number and tell a representative that you need to update your listing in the phone book. Give your updated information to change the phone book listing.

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Go to the Names and Numbers website, as listed in the "Resources" section (below), if you do not have a phone number to call the phone company. Go to the “Change Your Listing” page, where you can make changes to your Yellow or White Pages listing in your local phone book.

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Enter your contact details, and select your phone book state and city. Not all states can be updated through this page. Enter the current listing details under “Incorrect Listing” and put the new information under “Correct Listing” and click “Submit.”

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Visit the White Pages website, as listed in the "Resources" section. Go to the “Control Your Listing” page to make changes to your listing. Start by looking up your listing and then clicking on “Edit” beside the listing. Make your changes and submit them. This makes changes to the online White Pages only.

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Open your phone book to the front and look for the customer service phone number to update listings. Call the number and make your request for changes to be made to your listing if you could not call the phone company or correct the listing online.