How to Change a SingPass Password

By Kenneth Coppens

SingPass passwords give access to official Singapore government websites. They are available to all legal residents of Singapore and foreigners who are dependent on a Singapore resident. It is important to change your password regularly to ensure nobody can get access to your log-in information. Changing your SingPass password is simple and can be done in just a few short steps.

Step 1

Type in in the address bar of your Web browser. This will take you to the official SingPass website.

Step 2

Look for the link on the left side of the page that says Change Password. It is located in the SingPass Services section. Click on the link.

Step 3

Type in your current SingPass ID and password and click on Submit. You will be prompted to a different page.

Step 4

Choose your new password and type it in the designated box. Confirm that you want to keep your new password.

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