How to Change a Song From WMA Format to MP3

By Amanda Kondolojy

Although the WMA (Windows Media Audio) format has been around for ages, the MP3 has become the standard file format in today's digital music landscape. Although WMA produces higher-quality audio, you may have to convert some of these files to MP3 in order for them to be compatible with personal music players, or other devices. Luckily, the conversion process from WMA to MP3 is fairly straightforward, and you will be able to use your newly-formatted songs in no time.

Things You'll Need

  • Free Formatting Program (like Format Factory)

Step 1

Make a new folder on your desktop, and copy all of your WMA files into it. Then make a second, empty folder. This will eventually house all of your MP3 files. Make sure to use memorable folder names for each, so you don't confuse them.

Step 2

Download a free audio file conversion tool. There are plenty of options available, but Format Factory seems to be the most comprehensive, with support for four other audio formats in addition to WMA and MP3.

Step 3

Open the file conversion tool, and click on the "Convert to MP3" icon. If you are using the Format Factory program, this icon will be in the central pane of the program.

Step 4

Click the browse button to select the folder that contains all your unconverted WMA files. Then, select your "Target" folder, which you created in the first step for your new MP3 files. Then then click "OK" to begin the conversion process. A status bar will pop up to let you know that the conversion is taking place, and you will get an estimated conversion time. When the status bar closes, the conversion will be finished and you should have a folder full of new MP3 files.

Tips & Warnings

  • Because MP3s are a more compressed file format, you can expect some loss in quality when you convert your WMAs. However, this loss in quality is minimal, and will only affect the quality of the highest and lowest of tones.