How to Change an HP Ink Cartridge

By Greyson Ferguson

Through the years, printers have grown faster and more powerful, with their page per minute capabilities increasing with each new model. But with more pages printing, the need for replacing ink cartridges increases. There are two basic kinds of cartridges: a laser printer cartridge and an ink jet cartridge. HP is one of the most used brands of printers and cartridges, and you can change your used-up ink cartridges with ease.

Changing an HP Ink Cartridge

Step 1

Open the lid of the printer. Depending on the model, there will be two cartridges on the right, one for black and one for color.

Step 2

Find the cartridge that is running low on ink. The black cartridge will be in black, the color cartridge will have a patch of color (usually green) on it.

Step 3

Pull down on the black clamp that is holding the cartridge in place and slide out the used cartridge.

Step 4

Open the package of the new ink cartridge. Remove the protective tape and slide the new cartridge into the printer.

Step 5

Snap the black protective case back into place and close the lid.

Tips & Warnings

  • There are always a few differences between printer models. Most HP ink jet models are fairly similar. But if you are using an older model, make sure the printer's power is on. When you open the lid, the printer cartridges will slide to the middle of the opening, then you can proceed to change them.

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