How to Change Boost Mobile Numbers

By Mandy Slake

Your phone number determines whether or not people in your local area have to dial long distance to call you. If you have Boost Mobile service and have moved to a different area code, or you are getting harassing phone calls, you will want to change your number. You can change your number by dialing Customer Care. Boost Mobile is Sprint's prepaid wireless service. The company offers monthly prepaid wireless plans for regular cell phones, Smartphones and iDEN push-to-talk phones.

Step 1

Call Boost Mobile Customer Care. You can call from a Boost Mobile phone by dialing 611, or from another phone at (866) 402-7366.

Step 2

Follow the voice prompts to reach a customer care agent.

Step 3

Tell the Boost Mobile representative you would like to change your phone number. The representative will change the phone number and walk you through the process of programming the device.

Tips & Warnings

  • Call from a phone other than the phone you want to change the number on.
  • You can also take your phone into a Boost Mobile dealer and have the number changed. To find your local dealer, go to the Boost Mobile website and enter your zip code in the box next to the box labeled "STORE LOCATOR" on the top right of the screen. Push the "GO" button, and it will give you a list of local dealers. You can find the link under the Resources section.
  • There is a $5 fee for changing your number, but if you are getting harassing phone calls and can provide a police report number, they will waive the charge.