How to Change Cell Phone Password

Woman sitting by herself on a bus and holding a phone.
Image Credit: PIKSEL/iStock/Getty Images

A cell phone user is able to create and change passwords as a security measure to protect against unauthorized phone use and theft of the user's personal information. As technology advances, cell phones are becoming high-powered mini-computers and the data they store is becoming like the data stored in computers. People use their phones to surf the web, pay bills and do other important tasks, which makes security necessary. A cell phone user should change the password the first time he or she uses the phone and again every three or four months to ensure that the phone is protected.

Step 1

Turn on the cell phone. If it's locked, use the current PIN number to unlock it.

Step 2

Navigate to the "Settings" screen, or to a screen of the same significance. Different phones will have different names for screens, but the security features are always available on the screen that allows users to change the settings.

Step 3

Open the "Security" menu. On this menu, you will probably be able to view your passwords and information about your phone, such as the email address you were given by your service provider and your phone number.

Step 4

Enter the menu that allows you to view and change your password.

Step 5

To change your password, you'll first have to enter your current password. You'll then need to enter your new password and confirm it. Make sure the new password is something you can easily remember. If you lock your phone and forget your password, you'll have to enter your phone's PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) or call your cellular service provider to get an unlock code, either of which can be a hassle.