How to Change iPhone Favorites

By Christopher Kennedy

The Apple iPhone is a revolutionary mobile device manufactured and designed by Apple Inc. The iPhone features multimedia capabilities, an App Store and mobile computing features in addition to the standard phone functions. Users can manage their calendars, email and contacts all from the device and have the option to save favorite contacts for quick and easy access.

Delete iPhone Favorites

Step 1

Access the "Phone" app on your iPhone. If you have rearranged your apps, it may not be present on the main home screen. Swipe your finger across the screen to search the other home screens.

Step 2

Touch the "Favorites" icon on the bottom of the screen.

Step 3

Touch the "Edit" button at the top left of the window. A red circle with a horizontal line appears.

Step 4

Touch the red circle to show the "Delete" option. It appears to the right of the contact's name.

Step 5

Touch "Delete" to delete the contact.

Add a New Favorite

Step 1

Touch the "+" sign at the top right of the window of your Favorites list.

Step 2

Scroll to find the contact you want to add.

Step 3

Tap his name and he is added to your Favorites list.