How to Change iTunes Skins

By Nick Grimes

Apple's iTunes music player has a neat default look: minimalist, clean and easy to follow. But suppose you want a more interesting face for your player? Would you like to bring iTunes more in line with players like Winamp, which allows a large amount of user customization? The tools exist to do just that. By changing the "skin" of your iTunes player, you can keep its functionality while enjoying a fresh look for iTunes.

Step 1

Download to your computer's desktop the Multi-Plugin program for iTunes. This program allows customization of the iTunes software and can be found in the Resources section of this article. Make sure iTunes is closed before you double-click the multi-plugin.exe installation file to install Multi-Plugin.

Step 2

Download iTunes skins from the site in the Resources section. Extract the files to the "Skins" folder within your computer's "iTunes" directory.

Step 3

Launch iTunes. Open the "Preferences" section and select "Multi-Plugin." Select a new skin for iTunes and close the "Preferences" section.