How to Change Screen Saver Password

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Control Panel User Account

Windows has the option of locking your computer with a screen saver password. You set the amount of time the computer is idle before the screen saver will come on. When that time is up without a movement of the mouse or a key punch, the screen saver will appear. Then someone must enter the password to access the hard drive. This is important on a personal work computer or for home use for roommates or children. Once someone moves the mouse or uses the keyboard, a box pops-up on the screen asking for a password. Use this method for Windows XP as well as Vista.


Step 1

Select the "Start Menu" icon. Click the "Control Panel" tab. Allow the control panel options to load before selecting an option. If you attempt to open a setting before finished, the computer could lock up.

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Step 2

Double-click the "User Accounts" menu icon. This will bring up a list of the current user accounts.


Step 3

Select the account to change the screen saver password.

Step 4

Press the "Change Password" link on the left. Your screen saver password is the same as your login password for the account if you haven't changed it.


Step 5

Select a password. Make sure it is a password that is easy for you to remember but will be difficult for others to guess. Use a mixture of numbers and letters.


Do not forget the password to your account. It is nearly impossible to retrieve without formatting your hard drive. If you are setting a password for security reasons, create one that is difficult to guess.