How To Change Startup Order For Windows Vista

By Lucosi Fuller

To change the start-up order or boot sequence on a computer, you'll need cat-like reflexes more than a degree in computer engineering. When you start up a computer, a logo screen appears and disappears like a flicker in the dark, and you have no control over the length of time the screen remains there. That screen holds the key to the computer's start-up order. Be quick and press the right button and you can get in without a problem, but if you're late, you'll have to shut the computer down and try again.

Step 1

Shut down the computer then start it up again. Be very attentive at this point, because you're waiting on a specific prompt to get into the System BIOS.

Step 2

Press the specific key that corresponds to the System BIOS when your computer manufacturer's logo appears. The key is normally one of the "F" keys (usually F1, F2 or F8). The prompt will look something like this: "F[whatever]/System BIOS" with "whatever" equalling the number of the "F" key. When you press the appropriate key, the System BIOS screen will appear and search for boot drives.

Step 3

Press the specific key given at the bottom of the screen to enter the System BIOS.

Step 4

Scroll to the "Boot" tab by using the arrow keys on your keyboard, then the boot devices on your computer will be listed.

Step 5

Switch the order of the devices by pressing the keys given for such a command at the bottom of the screen.

Step 6

Save the changes and exit the System BIOS. The computer will start from the device you selected as the first boot device.