How to Change the Background in Skype

By Alex Zang

One way in which you can personalize the instant messaging program Skype is by changing the background (also known as "wallpaper"). Once you've changed the wallpaper, every time you chat with someone on Skype the background of the instant messaging window will be the one you selected. You can either choose from a pre-made Skype background, or upload an image from your computer to serve as the wallpaper. You can also customize Skype by changing your profile image or instant messaging font.

Step 1

Launch Skype by double-clicking the icon on your desktop. Log in after the launch screen appears.

Step 2

Click your Skype username, then click "Personalize." Select "Change Wallpaper" from the list of options. A new window will appear. From here, you'll be able to change your Skype background.

Step 3

Select one of the available wallpapers by clicking on the small radio button that corresponds to that wallpaper. If you want to upload wallpaper from your computer, click "Browse," find the wallpaper, then click "OK." Click "Save."

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