How to Change the Battery in a Motorola Razr

By Maxwell Payne

Changing the battery in your Motorola Razr phone can be done in a few simple steps. Often when a Motorola Razr is failing to hold a charge or the time between charges is becoming more frequent, an old battery is to blame.It is important that you choose the proper replacement battery for your Motorola Razr.

Things You'll Need

  • Motorola Razr
  • Replacement battery

Step 1

Purchase a replacement battery for your Motorola Razr. You can purchase one from your cellphone service provider or from an electronics store that sells cellphone battery replacements. Under the Resources section below, there are also examples of battery replacements and their prices. Batteries purchased online may be used but can cost less than $15.

Step 2

Turn off the cellphone by holding the red power (also called the "end call" button) on the keypad for a few seconds until the phone shuts off.

Step 3

Turn the phone over so that the front of the phone is face down. Locate the push-down button near the top of the back of the phone. Push the button in or slide it up depending on the Razr version you own.

Step 4

With the button pushed down or slided upward, lift the battery cover (the back of the phone) off and away from the phone. Underneath you will see the cellphone battery itself.

Step 5

Lift out the battery and place it aside. Take the replacement battery and place it into the battery compartment, making sure that the gold-plated connections are face down and are directly over the connection lines in the battery compartment.

Step 6

Replace the back cover of the phone, sliding the bottom end first and lowering the front end down until it clicks into place. Turn the phone back on to ensure that the battery was replaced successfully.

Tips & Warnings

  • You may need to charge your new battery fully before use. Turn on the phone briefly to test the battery, then turn it off again and let it fully charge.
  • Never try to fit a non-Razr compatible battery into the compartment. Always use an approved replacement.