How to Change the Battery on an iPod

By Anthony King

The iPod, which began as a basic mp3 player, now has a number of different functions. Using an iPod, users can watch videos, listen to music, as well as make phone calls and access the Internet on some of its newest models. The iPod runs on an internal battery pack, which can sometimes get disconnected or simply stop functioning. If this happens, there is a simple process that allows users to reconnect or change their iPod battery themselves.

Step 1

Use the flat edge of something such as a knife or guitar pick to separate the two halves of the iPod's external case. Run the flat edged object around the border of the iPod to pop the case loose. After you have done this, you may notice that the two halves are still not coming apart. The front and back cases are held together by small plastic clips; you must squeeze the side of the front case inwards to get these clips to disengage.

Step 2

Open the iPod gently. You will see a small ribbon connector that connects the front and back cases together. You will not need to disconnect this ribbon, simply lay both pieces flat directly next to each other. This will give you plenty of room to replace the battery without having to disconnect then reconnect the ribbon.

Step 3

Remove the iPod's hard drive from the device by lifting up on the black tab located at the bottom of the hard drive. The device's hard drive is the blue rectangular piece that takes up most of the internal section of the iPod.

Step 4

Remove the battery pack from the iPod. The battery pack rests underneath the hard drive. Once the hard drive is removed, you will see a smaller black rectangular piece with wires leading away from it; this is the battery pack you must remove. The battery should lift out with no problems, however, if it is stuck in place, run a flat, thin object around its border to free it from the device. Follow the wires to where they connect to the body of the iPod. Grip the white plastic base of the wires and pull the battery pack free from the device.

Step 5

Attach the new battery in the same exact spot you removed it from. Push the white plastic base of the new battery's wire into the space allotted for it and lay the battery pack flat, making sure it fits perfectly back in the space you removed the old battery from. If you do not snap the battery pack down entirely, the other components will not fit correctly. Reassemble the remaining internal pieces by reinserting them in the exact same location from which you removed them.

Tips & Warnings

  • Opening your iPod will void its warranty. Check to make sure your warranty is expired before completing these steps.

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