How to Change the Case in an Excel Spreadsheet

By Stephanie Ellen

Microsoft Excel has several options for entering text into cells. You can capitalize in the same way that you would in a word processor (by using the "Shift" key). However, if you want to change the case of a word, Excel has several functions that can change the case of text in a file. The "LOWER" function converts uppercase to lowercase, the "UPPER" function converts lowercase to uppercase, and the "PROPER" function capitalizes the first letter of each word.

Step 1

Type the following formula into the cell directly to the right of the cell you want to change the case in:=LOWER(A1)

Step 2

Change "A1" to the cell number you want to change. For example, if your text is in cell B3, then change "A1" to "B3" so that the formula reads:=LOWER(B3).

Step 3

Change "LOWER" to "UPPER" or "PROPER," if desired. (Leave the function intact if you want to change to lowercase).

Step 4

Press "Enter." Excel converts the text to the new case.

Step 5

Copy the new data and paste it over the original cell to replace it.

Step 6

Delete the cell with the function in it.

Tips & Warnings

  • To perform the function on an entire column, use the fill handle in the bottom-right corner of the cell to drag the function down the column. Excel will automatically fill in these cells with the changed data from the cells on the left.

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