How to Change the File Modified Date

By Daniel Ketchum

As you probably know, all files on your system have a "Date Modified" attached to them that can be seen by right-clicking on the file and selecting "Properties." There may be circumstances in which you would like to modify this date to a different one. But there is no way in "Properties" to do it. Fortunately, there is a freeware program called FIleDate Changer that can do this for you.

Step 1

Go to NirSoft, download the FileDate Changer, and install it on your system.

Step 2

Open FileDate Changer. Click on the "Add" button to browse to and select files on which you want to change the date.

Step 3

Select "File Modified" from the types offered. Then type in the date to which you want the file changed, and click on "Change Files Date."

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