How to Change the Font in Windows XP

By Derek Odom

Changing the fonts in Windows XP can drastically change the way your PC appears to you. Quite a few fonts are offered, too, so there is room to experiment. On some monitors, due to resolution restrictions, certain fonts may appear much clearer than others on the same computer.

Step 1

Right-click with your mouse on a blank spot on the desktop, and choose "Properties".

Step 2

Choose the "Appearance" tab when the box opens.

Step 3

Choose the "Advanced" tab in the lower right hand corner of the "Appearance" box.

Step 4

Click anywhere you see text and the font box will become a drop-down. Choose a font by scrolling to it and right clicking. Click "OK" on each box and go to your favorite program to see the changes. Repeat these steps until you are happy with the look of your font.

Tips & Warnings

  • Try different fonts before settling on one because there are lots of choices.