How to Change the Font Size in Explorer

By Tim Mammadov

The Internet Explorer browser has a bulit-in option for changing the text size appearing on a webpage. However, some pages have restrictions on the font size, in which case you will need to overwrite those settings for your browser first. Past that, changing the text size takes only a few seconds and can be done using the browser's menu options or just your peripheral devices.

Step 1

Click the "Tools" menu option in your Internet Explorer browser and select "Internet Options."

Step 2

Click the "General" tab and then click the "Accessibility" button.

Step 3

Check the box next to "Ignore text sizes specified on webpages." Click "OK" and then "OK" again to save the new settings.

Step 4

Click the "View" menu option, select "Text Size" and click the size at which you'd like to view the webpage.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can also simply press "Ctrl" on your keyboard and scroll the mouse up and down to increase or decrease the text size in Internet Explorer. If mouse scrolling is unavailable, press "Ctrl" and then "+" or "-" to increase or decrease font size.