How to Change the HP All-In-One to Scan to PDF

By Brendan O'Brien

HP is a manufacturer of personal computers and documenting devices. One of its more popular lines is the series of all-in-one devices that allow you to print, scan and copy. The device, along with the software that comes with it, allows you to scan documents and make them into a PDF with a few clicks of your mouse.

Step 1

Turn on your HP all-in-one device. Put your document that you want to scan face down on the tray of the HP all-in-one.

Step 2

Open your HP device manager on your personal computer or your Mac. Choose the "Scan" function. This will be slightly different depending on whether you are on a PC or a Mac and what HP all-in-one model you have.

Step 3

Hit the "Scan" button on your HP all-in-one or the "New Scan" button in the top left corner of the software on your computer.

Step 4

Click the drop-down menu at the bottom right of the scan window, below the image. Choose the "PDF File" option. Hit the "Accept" button. A dialog box that allows you to save your PDF in a location of your choice will appear.

Step 5

Type a name for the PDF in the "Save As" field. Choose a place for it on your computer with the drop-dowm menu. Click the "Save" button. Your scanner will then scan the PDF and save it.