How to Change the Ink in a Canon MP470

By Daniel Barrows

The Canon MP470 is a multifunctional printer that comes equipped with copy, fax and scan capabilities. The device's other features include a maximum print resolution of 4800-by-1200 dpi, a maximum scanning resolution of 19200 dpi, USB 2.0 connectivity and Bluetooth support. The printer is intended for use with Canon's "Fine" cartridges, which are designed to provide improved sharpness when printing; one cartridge contains black ink while another contains cyan, magenta and yellow.

Things You'll Need

  • PG-40 black ink cartridge
  • CL-41 tri-color ink cartridge

Step 1

Examine the control panel on the left side of the printer. Press the "Copy" button, located below the "Power" button. Examine the LCD display to the right of the control panel and note the current ink levels. Determine which cartridge needs to be replaced.

Step 2

Pull down the paper output tray, located on the printer's front panel. Grip the front edge of the scanner unit. Lift the scanner unit upward and locate the support attached to the bottom of the right corner. Insert the end of the support into the notches located to the left of the control panel. Wait for the print cartridge holder to move to the left side of the printer.

Step 3

Push down on the front edge of the cartridge that you want to replace. Pull the cartridge out through the front of the holder.

Step 4

Remove the plastic tape from the underside of the replacement cartridge. Angle the replacement cartridge upward and insert it into the empty slot on the cartridge holder. Push the front end of the cartridge upward until you feel it click into place.

Step 5

Pull the scanner cover up and disengage the support from the notches by the control panel. Fold the support underneath the cover. Lower the cover back to its original position.

Step 6

Press the "Menu" button, located to the left of the "OK" button in the center of the control panel. Use the arrow buttons around the "OK" button to select the option labeled "Maintenance/settings" from the LCD display. Press the "OK" button to confirm your selection.

Step 7

Use the arrow buttons to select the option labeled "Maintenance" and press "OK." Select the option labeled "Manual head align" and press "OK." Select the option labeled "Yes" and press "OK." Wait for the printer to generate a test page. Review the patterns printed on the test page and follow the instructions shown on the LCD display.