How to Change the Name in the BIOS

By Joshua Phillips

Your NetBIOS name is the name that your computer is called on your network. For many people, their computer name is the default name the system shipped with. To personalize your computer, both for yourself and for your network, you can change your computer name. You can do this directly from Windows 7 with no special tools required.

Step 1

Click the Windows Orb in the task bar to open the Start menu.

Step 2

Right-click on "Computer." Click "Properties" from the pop-up menu.

Step 3

Click "Advanced System Settings" from the left side of the "Systems Information" window. Click "Continue" to any prompts that appear.

Step 4

Click the "Computer Name" tab. Click "Change" next to "Rename This Computer or Workgroup."

Step 5

Enter your new computer name in the "Computer Name" field. The name can be anything you wish. Click "OK" to save all changes.

Step 6

Restart your computer for the new name to take effect.