How to Change the Number of Rings Before It Goes to Voice Mail in Qwest

By Ellie Norton

Voicemail is a great feature on any phone, and is extremely useful. Qwest makes voicemail an even better service than a regular answering machine because they allow you to retrieve your voicemail from any phone. However, sometimes people want to change the number of times the phone rings before it goes to voice mail in Qwest.

Things You'll Need

  • Qwest home phone service

Step 1

Make sure that you have Qwest voicemail set up on your home phone system.

Step 2

Decide if you want to make the number of rings shorter or longer. Then call 1-800-669-7676, which is the automated phone number to call to change your ring settings.

Step 3

Press 1 to select the voice messaging system option. Then enter the area code and telephone number that you are calling about. The voice prompt will then ask you if you wish to change your ring settings on that phone number. Select 1 for yes. And then choose the number key on your phone that corresponds with the number of rings you want on your phone before it goes to voicemail.

Step 4

Perform a test call to your Qwest phone number to make sure that the number of rings corresponds to the number you want before it goes to voicemail.

Tips & Warnings

  • 1-800-669-7676 is not the phone number to call to actually check your voicemails. To check your Qwest voice mail messages from your home phone call *98 and then enter your security code if you have one. To check your Qwest voicemail messages from another phone call your home phone number and then press 7 when the greeting starts. Then you will be prompted to enter your security code and the voicemails will automatically begin to play.

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