How to Change the Owner's Name on My iPod

By Andrew Smith

Every iPod owner has the option of naming that device when the iPod is first synced with iTunes. You might want to change the owner's name on the iPod if you have received or bought a used iPod or if you are just bored with the name on the iPod. Just as when moving content to or from any iPod, you will need to sync the iPod with the Apple software iTunes in order to change the owner's name on the device.

Things You'll Need

  • iTunes

Step 1

Plug the iPod into your computer using the cord that came with that iPod.

Step 2

Open iTunes.

Step 3

Click on the name on the iPod that is located underneath "Devices" on the left side of the iTunes software. That name will be highlighted.

Step 4

Wait two seconds and click the name again. The highlighted iPod name will turn into a text box.

Step 5

Type in a new owner's name for that iPod and then press "Enter" on the keyboard. The owner's name on the iPod will be changed.