How to Change the Page Numbers in Microsoft Word 2010 Documents

By David Sarokin

Word 2010, part of the Microsoft Office suite of productivity software, is a word processing program for creating a wide variety of documents. Users can control many features of Word 2010, such as page numbering. Adjust settings in Word 2010 to automate page numbering, change the formatting and position of page numbers, and change the number sequencing. You can change page numbers using straightforward menu commands.

Step 1

Open Word 2010 to the document in which you want to change page number options.

Step 2

Click the "Insert" tab to display the page numbering command box.

Step 3

Click the small down-arrow next to "Page Number" to display page numbering options.

Step 4

Click "Format Page Number" to open a dialog box with formatting options.

Step 5

Adjust the page number format with the available commands and pull-down menus to change the appearance, position or numbering sequence. For example, you can include or exclude dashes around the number on each page, or restart numbering for each new chapter of your text.

Step 6

Edit page numbers as you would other text in your Word 2010 document. For example, highlighting and bolding an individual page number will make other page numbers in the same document bold as well.