How to Change the Password for Your Yahoo! Mail ID

By Brendan O'Brien

When you use the web-based Yahoo! Mail email service, you can read your email after logging in with your Yahoo! username and password. It is a good idea to change this password on a regular basis to decrease the chance of someone hacking in to your Yahoo! account.

Step 1

Open a web browser and go to the Yahoo! Help page about changing passwords (see Resources).

Step 2

Scroll down the page and click the green "Change Password" button.

Step 3

Enter your username and password as you would when you log in to the site.

Step 4

Click the "Sign In" button.

Step 5

Type your current password and your new password in the fields that are provided.

Step 6

Confirm your new password in the bottom field. Click the "Save" button.

Step 7

Click the "Continue" button. You can now sign in with your new password.