How to Change the Password on My MSN Account

By Angela M. Wheeland

Internet security is a concern for nearly everyone who browses the Internet. To adequately protect yourself from identity thieves and hackers, it is important to change your password routinely. Changing your MSN password protects your MSN and Windows Live account, messenger and email. To change your MSN account password, you must log in to the MSN support website. MSN forwards you to the Windows Live account website, allowing you to change your password and any other account information.

Step 1

Go to the MSN support website. (See Resources)

Step 2

Click "Change Password" on the left side of the page.

Step 3

Enter your MSN user name and password and then click "Sign In."

Step 4

Enter your current password and type in a new password. Verify your password and click "Save." You must use the new password each time you log in to your MSN account.