How to Change the PIN Number for an ATM Card Online

By Kristy Borowik

Your PIN, or personal identification number, is a security code that is linked to your bank account. It acts like a password, granting you access to your bank account. Some banks allow you to change your PIN for your ATM card -- or at least request the change -- online. The exact process varies bank by bank and how each bank Web site is set up.

Step 1

Create an online banking account with your bank if you haven't already.

Step 2

Log in to your online bank account, and look for the PIN reset tool. Search for "reset PIN" if you cannot find it. It might be under "Customer Service" or "Account Maintenance."

Step 3

Confirm your personal information to verify that you are the account owner.

Step 4

Follow the on-screen instructions. Your bank might send you an e-mail with a temporary PIN to log in with. After you log in with the temporary PIN, you must choose a new PIN. Other banks send you a customer confirmation code to use while changing your PIN.

Tips & Warnings

  • Change your PIN often as a security precaution.
  • Not all banks allow you to change your PIN online, but most have an option to request a new one. If you have difficulty, send an e-mail to or call customer service.
  • Do not choose anything obvious, like your birthday or wedding anniversary, for your PIN.