How to Change the Sound Settings on a Mac

By Contributing Writer

The sound settings on your Apple Macintosh computer are extremely versatile. If you want to connect any input or output devices, changing the settings on audio devices can make sure that those components function at the highest level. Customizing your audio options is the best way to make sure that your computer's audio system is set up to work best for you.

Changing Your Settings

Step 1

Click on the Apple icon button on the main toolbar, then select, "System Preferences" from the drop down menu.

Step 2

Select, "Sound," under the sub-heading, "Hardware."

Step 3

Click, "Sound Effects," to choose your default alert sound, and how loudly it will be played; and wether or not the computer clicks when you change the volume.

Step 4

Click, "Output," to select where the computer is sending its sound signal. The default setting is through the internal speakers, but you can select any speakers that you have connected to the computer to be the sole output.

Step 5

Click, "Input," to select an input source, and to change microphone settings.

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