How to Change the Speed in VLC Media

By Julius Vandersteen

When you watch a video with VideoLAN's free VLC media-playing application, you might want to slow it down so you can analyze the action, such as the performance of a football team, or speed it up so you can skip through parts you are not interested in. When you listen to an audio file, you might want to change the speed, such as slowing down a song with a guitar solo you want to learn, or speeding up a classroom lecture given by a professor with sleepy voice. You can easily change the playback speed of media files played in VLC.

Step 1

Launch VLC on your computer.

Step 2

Drag media files from a folder on your computer into the VLC playlist.

Step 3

Double-click a media file to start playing it.

Step 4

Click "Playback" from the VLC menu, and then click "Faster" repeatedly if you want to increase the playback speed, or click "Slower" repeatedly if you want to slow it down. You can also hold the "Command" key while pressing the "=" key on the keyboard repeatedly to increase playback speed, or hold the "Command" key while pressing the "-" key repeatedly to decrease playback speed.

Step 5

Click "Playback" and then click "Normal Rate" to resume playing the file at the normal speed.