How to Change the Startup Programs in Windows Vista

By Jim Campbell

Windows Vista incorporates some of the same applications used in older Windows operating systems. One of these applications is MS Config. MS Config is a small application used to enable and disable applications in the Windows startup programs. The entries seen in the MS Config application are inserted into the Windows registry. The MS Config application makes it easier for novice users to change these values without using the Windows registry editor.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Run." Enter "msconfig" into the text box and click "OK." This opens the MS Config application.

Step 2

Click the "Startup" tab at the top of the window. A list of programs is displayed. The programs with a check mark are activated and load each time you boot Vista. The programs without a check mark are deactivated and do not load when you boot.

Step 3

Check the programs you want to start when you boot, and remove the check mark next to programs that aren't needed. Programs such as firewall and anti-virus software are located in this list, so it is important to keep these programs active.

Step 4

Click "OK" to save your settings. Click "Restart" at the prompt to reboot your machine. The programs you have enabled are loaded the next time you boot the machine.