How to Change the Text Orientation in Word 2007

By Mark Kennan

Microsoft Word 2007 is one of the most popular word processing programs because of its long history and ease of use. When you are creating a Word document, you may want to rotate text if you are creating a poster or title page where you do not want all of the text written in the same direction. You cannot change the orientation of normal text, but you can change the orientation of text in a text box in Word 2007.

Step 1

Insert a text box in Word 2007 by clicking the "Insert" header at the top and then choosing a text box from the "Text" group.

Step 2

Enter the text in the text box.

Step 3

Click the "Text Direction" icon in the "Text" group. Clicking the button once will rotate the text orientation to the text so the text reads down the page. Clicking the button a second time will orient the text so it reads up the page.