How to Change the Time on a Memorex iPod Dock

By Dan Howard

Memorex iPod docks simultaneously charge your iPod and play music through the dock's built-in speaker system. Some Memorex docks also include a time display and alarm clock functionality so you can wake up to your favorite music. You must turn off the dock to set the device's system time. Once you activate the device's Time mode, use the volume buttons to set the proper time on the dock's LCD display.

Step 1

Press and hold the power button to turn off the device and enter standby mode. Press the "Time/Set/Skip/Search/Rewind" button on the left side of the unit's control panel. The display begins blinking.

Step 2

Press the "Vol +" button to cycle the minute display upward until you reach the correct minute setting.

Step 3

Press the "Vol -" button to cycle the hour display upward until you reach the correct hour setting.

Step 4

Press the "Vol -" button until the display shows the correct AM or PM time.

Step 5

Press the "Time/Set/Skip/Search/Rewind" button again to save the time settings.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't change the time for 15 seconds after pressing the "Time/Set/Skip/Search/Rewind" button, the device will come out of Time mode. Press the button again to reactivate Time mode.
  • You can also set alarms on the Memorex iPod Dock. With the unit powered off, press and hold the "AL1" or "AL2" button for at least four seconds or until the alarm icon flashes on the LCD display. Press the "Hour" and "Minute" buttons to adjust the hour and minute on the alarm time. When you've selected the correct time, release the "AL1" or "AL2" button to set the alarm.

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