How to Change the TV for Video Games Without a Remote

By Blaze Johnson

Most televisions manufactured today include a remote control, designed to allow users to access commonly used features. In addition to the standard channel and volume controls featured on a typical television remote control, the remote may also include buttons to switch between the cable or antenna to available auxiliary input sources. Console gaming systems require the use of a television's auxiliary inputs for displaying video and sound. If you misplaced the original remote control for the television, you may be able to switch the TV's input source using an alternative method.

Step 1

Examine the television's front control panel. Locate a button labeled "INPUT" or "SOURCE." With the game console and television turned on, press the "INPUT" or "SOURCE" button until the game console menus appear on the screen.

Step 2

Press the "Channel Down" or "Channel Up" button to locate the input selection source for your game console. Certain televisions may feature the auxiliary input sources before first or after the last programed cable or antenna channel.

Step 3

Press the "MENU" or "SETUP" button present on the television's front control panel. Browse through the available menu screens to find options relating to input selection, if applicable.