How to Change the Voicemail on a TracFone

By Steve Gregory

A Tracfone wireless phone has a voicemail option just like most regular cell phones even though it is a pre-paid cell phone. With voicemail, callers have the ability to leave a message if you are unable to pick up the phone, which you can review at a later time. The Tracfone offers a personal voicemail system that you can change at any time. Changing your voicemail is easy and you can gain access to the system directly from your Tracfone.

Step 1

Turn your Tracfone on. Press the number "1" key and hold it. The phone will dial into the voicemail system. When you are connected release the key.

Step 2

Type in your pass code when you are prompted by the system. If you did not change your temporary pass code it is the last four digits of your cell phone number. You need a pass code to enter your voicemail unless you previously disabled the option.

Step 3

Press the number "2" key to enter the options to change the voicemail. Listen closely to the system prompts and choose the option that you want. For example, press the number "2" key to record a personal greeting as a voicemail greeting or press the number "5" key to use your cell number as a greeting.

Step 4

Speak directly into the phone when prompted to change your greeting. When you are finished recording press the "#" button. The system will replay your message. If it is satisfactory press the "#" button to save it. If you are using the system message or your cell phone number as a voicemail greeting, when prompted press the "#" key to save it.

Step 5

Press the "END" key to exit the system. Your voicemail has been successfully changed.

Tips & Warnings

  • Additional charges may apply when changing your voicemail. Contact Tracfone customer service for more information.