How to Change Wireless Settings on a D-Link Router

By Ty Arthur

A D-Link wireless router allows you to connect multiple desktops or laptops to a single Internet connection so that they can all surf the Web or share files between each other. D-Link routers have several different security settings that can be changed to keep your wireless network secure. You can access these settings through a Web browser.

Step 1

Open a Web browser and enter the router's IP address, which is commonly

Step 2

Click on the "Login" button at the center of the screen. Leave the password field blank and type the word "admin" into the username text box. Click "OK" to access the router's settings menu.

Step 3

Click on the "Home" button at the top of the settings menu. Click on the "Off" radio button to prevent any computers from accessing the D-Link wireless router. Scroll down to the "WEP" entry and click on "Enable" if you want to turn on the security feature so that only certain computers can access your router.

Step 4

Click on the "Key 1" text box and type in a 13-digit password you want computer users to provide to access the wireless router. Click on the green "Apply" button to save the changes.

Step 5

Navigate to the "Advanced" tab if you want to set up additional security measures to prevent unwanted computers from accessing the wireless router. Click on the "Filters" option and then click on "MAC Filter." Type in the MAC addresses of the computers you want to be able to access the wireless router in the text boxes that will pop up. Click on "Apply" to save the changes.

Step 6

Go to the "Tools" tab and click on the "Password" text box. Enter in a password if you don't want other users to be able to access the D-Link settings menu without having the password. Click on "Apply" to save the changes.

Tips & Warnings

  • The MAC address of a computer can be found either by physically opening the case and writing down the number on the Ethernet card or by using the "cmd" program. Open the "cmd" program from the Start menu and type in the phrase "ipconfig /all" to view the MAC address.

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