How to Change Your IMDb ID

By Kaniel Loughran

Internet Movie Database (IMDb) provides a vast database of film facts, credits, box office finances and much more from practically every movie produced, from studio blockbusters to little-known independent films. If you sign up for an account you are privy to even more information on individuals, films and companies alike, including contact information for studios and agents. If you decide later that you would like to change your IMDb ID, you can do so easily and quickly.

Step 1

Open your browser and navigate to the IMDb website (see References).

Step 2

Locate the "Login" button in the black header bar in the upper right of your screen and click it. You'll be prompted for your login information. Enter the IMDb ID you wish to change, followed by your password.

Step 3

Find your account link in the upper right of the screen, adjacent to the logout button. Click on your account link to access your account page.

Step 4

Locate "Change your IMDb ID" under one of the three columns marked "Registration Details" and click the link.

Step 5

Enter the ID you wish to use in the text box marked "New ID" and click "Change." Congratulations, you have changed your IMDb ID.

References & Resources