How to Charge a Laptop Battery Outside the Computer

By Isaiah David

Laptop batteries have become smaller and more powerful, but they still don't supply enough power for long projects--particularly if you are doing processor-intensive work. Whether you are traveling on a long plane trip or are just paranoid about power outages, it is always good to know you will be able to finish what you are working on. Charging an extra laptop battery to take with you ahead of time will let you work twice as long without a power supply.

Things You'll Need

  • ChargerExtra battery

Step 1

Consider buying an external laptop battery and charger. External laptop batteries can be plugged directly into the power supply, which means you don't have to open up the laptop and remove the old battery to use them.

Step 2

Get an external battery charger designed for your particular laptop model; you can order one from a website like the one in Resources. Different batteries have different voltage and amperage requirements, and some require pulse chargers or other methods. If you can't find a charger designed for your laptop, you can use one with the same voltage and output as your battery.

Step 3

Remove the laptop battery if you are planning to externally charge the battery inside your computer. Usually, you will have to pull open a latch or two on the bottom of your laptop. In rare cases, you may have to undo a few screws.

Step 4

Plug in the battery for the specified period. Most laptop batteries require about 2 hours to charge completely, but the time can vary somewhat between battery models.

Step 5

Keep an eye on the battery the first time you use it. If it becomes extremely hot, unplug the charger. Do not leave the battery plugged in for longer than it takes to charge, unless the instructions that come with the battery charger specify that this is OK to do. Many laptop battery chargers have intelligent circuitry that senses when the charge is complete, but not all do. If your charger does not, overcharging can cause the battery to overheat

Tips & Warnings

  • Get a trickle charger if you want to keep your battery topped off. It will provide a continuous trickle of current, safely keeping your battery at maximum power.

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