How to Check a CPU Clock's Speed

By Vee Enne

When computer technicians refer to a computer's system clock, or the clock speed of the computer, they are not referring to the clock that appears in the lower-right corner of the desktop display. A computer's clock speed is measured in hertz (Hz) and is typically displayed in megahertz. One megahertz is equal to one million hertz. The number of hertz denotes the number of cycles per second, and correlates to the speed with which a computer's central processing unit (CPU) performs basic tasks, such as booting up and running the operating system. Check the computer's clock speed by looking at the system information.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

Step 1

Click the green Start button on the lower-left corner of the computer screen.

Step 2

Select Control Panel from the menu that appears after you click on the Start button.

Step 3

Click the Performance and Maintenance icon, represented by a blue pie chart.

Step 4

Select the link entitled "See basic information about your computer." The link is the first link under the title Pick a Task.

Step 5

Read the information box that pops up. It displays the clock speed of your computer's processor in megahertz, or MHz.

Tips & Warnings

  • Increasing the clock speed of a computer is called overclocking.
  • Overclocking increases processing speed, but can result in more wear and tear on the processor, and increased heat production.