How to Check a Print Log

By Bennett Gavrish

Windows 7 logs a wide range of system activity, including every time a print job is submitted or processed. All system logs are stored within the Event Viewer utility, which you can use to review the history of different services on your computer. Set a filter within the Event Viewer that will create a print log and allow you to review all recent print jobs.

Step 1

Open the Start menu and click on "Control Panel."

Step 2

Open the "Administrative Tools" folder and then double-click on the "Event Viewer" icon.

Step 3

Go to the "Action" menu at the top of the window and select "Create Custom View."

Step 4

Open the drop-down menu next to "Event logs."

Step 5

Expand the "Applications and Services Logs" section and then open the "Microsoft" and "Windows" submenus.

Step 6

Place a checkmark next to the entry labeled "PrintService."

Step 7

Press the "OK" button at the bottom of the window.

Step 8

Enter a name and description for the custom view and then click "OK." You will now return to the main Event Viewer window, which will display a log of recent printing activity.