How to check an IP address on Yahoo

By Techwalla Contributor

I'll show you an easy and effective way to check an ip address on yahoo. You'll need an yahoo e-mail account, and for this person to have e-mailed you. Whether you're trying to find someone that you've lost touch with, or someone is harassing you, getting the IP address helps. IP address can be used to help find someone's location. This is free and a legal way to find one.

Step 1

Log into your email account. Go to the the email that was sent to your account, and click to open up the email.

Step 2

You'll need your full headers on to check for the IP address. If they're not on, go to options on the top of the right hand corner. Click on mail options, then go to messages in the general section. Click on show all headers on incoming messages.

Step 3

Go to full headers. Open the email up. Full headers should appear either on the bottom or top of the email in the right handed corner. Click on it.

Step 4

Finding the IP address. The sent email should have the IP address. Some people do block IP address's on emails. Look for the name of the person that sent the email, and the date. Above that should be where the IP address is, next to received. It should look something like this [86.50.353.136].

Step 5

Do a reverse IP address. You can then run an IP address reverse check. Go to a site like to check for free. They'll run a free trace on the location and host name.