How to Check Cell Phone Records

By Louise Balle

Nowadays, there is no reason to be in the dark about your cell phone records. You have numerous options for checking your cell phone usage information and verifying that you did in fact make the calls that you are being charged for. Cell phone companies now list the phone numbers that you called and the time that you spent on each phone call so that there is little to no need for disputes.

Step 1

Gather your old bills to check cell phone records. Your cell phone bills contain just about every piece of important information that you need to know about your account, including the numbers you called, the number of minutes you spent on each call, and even information about who you sent text messages to in some cases.

Step 2

Register for online account management on your cell phone company's website. When you log in, you will be presented with the option to view your bills---they will be listed by month. You can view your cell phone calling records online either in HTML list form or in a PDF file that looks exactly like the physical bill that you receive each month. You can now also access your cell phone account and records by visiting the Internet browser on your cell phone and clicking on "Account Information."

Step 3

Call your cell phone provider directly to check your phone records. The representative can look up your calls, charges, and other details by date or phone number. The representative can also print up a copy of your cell phone history and send it to you for viewing (though there may be a fee).

Step 4

Type in your special short codes (which are given to you by your provider) on your handset to check your cell phone records, including your account balance, minutes, and data usage. Most short codes are three digit codes preceded and ended by either the "#" or "*" key. See the "Resources" section below for a complete list of short codes by cell phone company.

Tips & Warnings

  • Hold onto your old cell phone bills for at least three years, just in case you need to check old cell phone records or provide proof of past calls you made.If, after checking your cell phone records, you find that you went over your minutes by a substantial amount, call your cell phone provider and ask the representative if she can upgrade your plan and apply it for that billing cycle so that you can avoid the excessive charges. In many cases, the provider will comply with this request.If you have a dispute regarding your cell phone bill or records, the first action to take is to write a letter describing the problem to your cell phone company. If there is no resolution, you will then have to contact your state's public utilities commission about the problem.