How to Check Fido Voicemail

By Marcy Burlock

Fido, owned by Rogers Communications, operates out of Canada, offering a wide range of cell phones, including smartphones. Although the company offers multiple plans, it doesn't currently offer voicemail unless you add it to an existing plan. As of 2010, voicemail costs $7, but there are a variety of ways to access it.

Step 1

Press "1" on your Fido handset and hold down for a couple of seconds to access your voicemail.

Step 2

Enter your access code into the phone. If it's your first time using the phone, you will have to create a code, usually four to 10 digits. You will also create a greeting.

Step 3

Obtain messages from a landline by dialing your Fido number and wait for the greeting.

Step 4

Press the pound key or "#" key while the greeting plays. Type in your access code followed by pressing the pound key.

Step 5

Obtain your voicemail from the Voice Messaging Retrieval Number. The number is pre-programmed into the Fido, or you can save the number in a phone book.

Tips & Warnings

  • Store voicemail messages up to five days with basic storage. Store your voicemail up to 10 days with enhanced voice mail storage. Store 10 three-minute messages for basic storage and 35 five-minutes message with enhanced storage.