How to Check Multimedia Messages Using Boost Mobile

By Matthew Fortuna

Boost Mobile (a division of Sprint-Nextel) is one of the top cell phone providers in the world. Boost Mobile sponsors a number of different plans and mobile phone types. One unpopular feature on Boost Mobile phones, though--as with many other phones--is the inability to view multimedia messages straight from your phone's text messaging application. The multimedia components, often pictures, must be viewed through an Internet browser on your phone or on a computer.

Step 1

Access the main menu of your Boost Mobile homepage and select the "Text Messages" option in the menu.

Step 2

Scroll to the text message that features your multimedia message and select "Open."

Step 3

Write down the URL of the website that you have to access to see your multimedia message, and write down the message number and the password number. (This info is included in the text message.) Or click on the URL if your phone supports web browsing.

Step 4

Navigate to the URL where your message is hosted on your computer, or your phone's Internet browser.

Step 5

Enter the message number and the password onto the media hosting site and click "Go." Your message will now be open on your web browser for your viewing.

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