How to Check Outlook Email Remotely

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Outlook is an integrated application by Microsoft for email, calendaring, tasks, contacts and more. It is possible to read the messages you receive through your regular Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Internet-based mail remotely, using the Outlook email program on your mobile device. The key is a software called ActiveSync by Microsoft. It allows real-time synchronization between a desktop computer or a server running Microsoft Exchange Server and a mobile device.

Things You'll Need

  • PDA or Smartphone
  • ActiveSync Software
  • USB or serial cable

Step 1

Install ActiveSync in your personal computer (PC). You can use the compact disc (CD) that shipped with the device or download ActiveSync from Microsoft's website. The process involves selecting the language, accepting the license agreement and following the basic instructions.

Step 2

Establish a connection between your mobile device and your PC. Choose "ActiveSync" from the Start menu. Select "Connect via IR" from the ActiveSync menu to connect using an infrared signal or "Connect via Bluetooth" the connect using a wireless Bluetooth connection. Click "Sync" to establish the connection.

Step 3

Connect your phone to your PC using a serial cable or USB cable if needed. This automatically starts the Sync Setup wizard. For more information, see "Connecting a mobile device to a PC" in ActiveSync Help on your PC.

Step 4

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the setup wizard. This creates a synchronization relationship between your PC and your pocket PC or Smartphone.

Step 5

Disconnect your pocket PC or Smartphone from the desktop computer. Now ActiveSync synchronizes your mobile device and Outlook email automatically.

Step 6

Change synchronization settings on the phone by selecting the Options menu, if necessary.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can use filters to synchronize specific email messages and calendar dates.
  • You can synchronize a mobile device with up to two Windows-based computers such as your home and office.