How to Check to See If Someone Is Tapping Your Cellphone

By Alex Zang

To tap a regular phone, you need physical access to the phone to plant a bug, usually under the mouthpiece. This bug would then transmit audio data back to the person tapping the phone. However, cellphones don't have room for a bug. Instead, phone tappers rely on special software to do the trick. Unfortunately for them, this software causes strange noises that you may be able to notice when on a call.

Step 1

Listen for any clicks, particularly near the beginning of a conversation. To hear your cell phone conversation, the person must be connected to the line you're using. When they make this connection, you will hear a small click -- as if someone is picking up another receiver.

Step 2

Listen to see if you can hear an echo. Some tapping software produces an echo when you speak, and unless you're in a place where echos are expected, such as a museum, any kind of echo may be a sign that there is tapping software on your phone.

Step 3

Pay attention to how long your phone's battery life lasts. Cellphone tapping software will run continuously, which means your cellphone's battery will drain faster than it normally would. If it used to last two days, but now only lasts a couple hours, something is wrong.

Step 4

Check to say if three-way conversations are enabled on your cellphone. To listen to your conversation, a person needs to be able to connect to your line. If your cellphone doesn't have three-way conversation turned on, they won't be able to make the connection. If your cellphone does have three-way conversation on, and you're not using it, your phone may be compromised.

Tips & Warnings

  • Just because any of these events happen doesn't mean your cellphone is definitely tapped.
  • If you believe your cellphone has been compromised, you should complete a full restore or get a new one.