How to Check Voice Mail From Verizon

By Angela M. Wheeland

When a person calls your Verizon cell phone and you do not answer, Verizon transfers the caller to an automated messaging system. This messaging system, also known as voice mail, allows the caller to leave you a voice message. Whenever a caller leaves you a message, Verizon sends a notification signal to your cell phone, letting you know about the voice mail message. Knowing how to check your voice mail messages from your cellular phone is important. If you are checking your voice mail messages from a phone other than your cell phone, the procedure is slightly different.

Step 1

Dial your cell phone number. If you are calling from a phone other than your cell phone, you will hear your voice mail greeting. Press the "*" key to skip your greeting.

Step 2

Enter your password and press the "#" key.

Step 3

Press the "1" key to listen to your messages.

Step 4

Press the "2" key to pause a message, "1" to rewind the message or "3" to fast-forward the message.

Step 5

Press the "#" key to skip a message.

Step 6

Press the "4" key to replay a message, "7" to delete a message or "9" to save a message.

Step 7

Press the "*" key when you are finished listening to your messages.