How to Check Voice Mail Online

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "time is money." Whether this is true, time is certainly valuable to you. With hectic full-time workdays, traffic, meetings, business obligations and personal time, you may find your days filling up fast. In the midst of all the chaos, you may have missed some important phone calls.

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Answering machines are outdated. Unless you're hanging on to one for nostalgia purposes, you likely use voice mail to record missed calls made to your personal or business phone. Most come installed with the service. But sometimes you may forget to check it, or you may find it complicated to do so, as many services require PIN numbers. The good news is that you can check your voice mail on the Internet, at your leisure.

Choose an online voice mail service


Create an account at or You will need to provide your 10-digit cellphone number.


Choose to listen to your voice mails online. and offer both free voice services and paid transcription services.The free services save your unchecked voice messages as sound files and send them to your email, where you can listen to them at your leisure.


Opt for paid transcription services. and offer paid services that transcribe your voice mails into text and forward them to your email. Both services offer several tiers of this paid service, with the more expensive plans allowing for more messages to be sent during every billing cycle.


Sign up for an invitation to use Google Voice. This service from search engine giant, a pioneer of Internet applications, says its users will be able to both listen to and read transcriptions of voice mails left in their cellphone inbox for free.


Install a program, or "app," on a PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or Smartphone that uses the Internet. offers programs made for a Blackberry and an iPhone.

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