How to Check who called me on my cell phone

By Lynda Moultry Belcher

A cell phone generally ensures that you are available to take calls no matter where you are or what you are doing. However, depending on the activity, you may not be available to take the call or if you see a number, you might not answer because you don't know who the caller is. There are a few key tricks and tips you can employ to either check calls you've missed or research numbers you don't know.

Step 1

Look through your phone's history. This information can generally be found under your phone's "Settings" or "Call History" tabs. This gives you an accounting of calls that have come into your phone that you may have missed. This information is generally also accompanied by the time and date of the call. You can also view "Answered Calls" under this number if you need to remember who called as a point of reference.

Step 2

Check the cell phone bill. Much like the more instant "Call History" feature on your phone, your cell phone bill will list all of the numbers that have called your phone and how long you were on each call. However, unless your bill is readily available online (as most major carriers make available), you may have to wait until your receive the bill each month.

Step 3

Look up the number through a search service. If an unknown number has called your phone and you want to know who it was, use look the number up online using a search service. However, bear in mind that this may come with a cost. If you want to know who called without paying for it, enter the number -- with area code -- into a popular search engine and peruse the results to get information.

Step 4

Contact your cell phone provider. If you don't have a call history feature on your phone and the numbers that have called are not reflected on your bill, call your cell phone provider and request this information. The provider generally has a short-term accounting of who's called your phone and when in its systems.