How to Check Who Owns a Website

By K.C. Winslow

You can find information about the owner of a website by looking at the website's whois records. There are a number of websites that can search databases of whois information. Many domain registrars have an optional feature that hides the website owner information from public view. Publicly viewable whois records may contain the name of the website owner, the email contact for technical support, the address and phone number of the website owner and other information.

Step 1

Look up information about website owners using DomainTools (see References). This website allows you to perform searches with wildcards. When you look up a website, you can view the history of changes to that specific record. You can also look up website ownership by the IP address.

Step 2

Check the ownership of any domain in the world using AllWhois (see References). AllWhois queries the various whois registrars and pulls up the information relevant to your specific website search.

Step 3

Learn who owns a website with the Network Solutions whois search (see References). Enter either the website domain or the IP address into the search bar and press the "Search" button to view the results.